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Teachers work with the National STEM Centre to review resources in the classroom, and share their experiences.

David describes the Nuffield STEM Futures (KS3/4) as "A splendid example of cross curricula STEM".


Jamie used the discussion ideas in the assembly activity Science Fiction or Science Fact? as "rich starter activities" with KS3 classes.



We are delighted to offer support for teachers sharing resources, and working collaboratively.



None National STEM Centre Physical Library
The National STEM Centre’s physical library holds the UK’s largest freely accessible collections of teaching and learning resources to support teachers of STEM subjects. Teachers are welcome to visit the library throughout the year.

None National STEM Centre eLibrary
Thousands of resources are also now available through an easy to search online 'eLibrary'. From contemporary multimedia through to treasured archive materials, the eLibrary has something new for every STEM teacher.

Two Primary Science Activities, perfect for the winter or - with ice - to cool down in the summer!

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This resource uses the context of tornadoes in the solar atmosphere to investigate circular...

Measurements with the Sun

Measuring the diameter of our star This simple exercise allows students to measure the diameter...

I Am a Star

This resource is based around the chemical composition of the human body and the origin of...

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