Science Learning Centre Consortium North West

“I’ve got so much out of the course, I feel inspired and ready to spread the word to other teachers in my school.”

North West

The Science Learning Centre North West consortium is part of the national network of Science Learning Centres, a joint initiative funded by the Department for Education and the Wellcome Trust.

We offer a comprehensive science  Continuing Professional Development (CPD) programme for science teachers and technicians across the north west of England from Staffordshire to Cumbria. Our programme covers a range of professional development approaches including face-to-face courses, action research and online learning, and tailored work for individual school needs.  The range of CPD we have on offer can be seen in our list of CPD activities.Our CPD leaders are drawn from experienced educational consultants, practicing teachers and partners across the region.

You can browse for a full listing of all science CPD opportunities in the North West. Or if you prefer download or request a brochure.

There is nothing to stop you attending CPD outside your area if it is more convenient for you.

For the latest news about our programme of activities go to our News Update page.

Financial Support Available for CPD

We offer bursaries called Impact Awards for many of our CPD activities. The bursaries can be used to contribute to covering the cost of CPD fees, supply cover, travel, accommodation, equipment for your school or in any other way that your school believes will help to improve the teaching of science. 

In order to receive an Impact Award, teachers or technicians will need to be working in a state funded school or college, including maintained schools, academies and free schools. 

Special Impact Awards

We also offer Intensive Bursaries to some schools and colleges for a specific professional development project or activity, either working alone (maximum of £1,500) or with a cluster of schools (maximum £2,500). Availability of these awards is limited. Please contact us for more information.

Last year, 91% of teachers who participated in CPD through the network showed it improved their knowledge and skills and 76% reported an impact on pupils.