National Science Learning Network - London and the South East

London and the South East

The National Science Learning Network, London and the South East offers a comprehensive science Continuing Professional Development (CPD) programme for teachers and technicians across London and the south east of England from Marlow to Margate, from Baldock to Brighton. Our venues are strategically located throughout the region, providing the highest standards in CPD and tailored local support.

Our professional development is made affordable through bursaries (known as Impact Awards, which are provided by the Department for Education) for many of our CPD activities.

Above all we support teachers to develop their teaching approaches, pedagogy and subject knowledge in order to provide the best science education available, enabling all pupils to achieve their full potential. Through this approach we contribute to inspiring and developing the next generation of scientists, engineers and technicians and ensuring we have a well informed and scientifically capable society. Our experienced team have been supporting all of your science professional development needs for over 10 years, and that continues to be our mission.

The Science Learning Network for London and the South East includes the previous Science Learning Centres based at the Institute of Education in London, Southampton and Bayfordbury near Hertford, and a number of Science Learning Partnerships spread across the region. These partnerships are centred on teaching schools and other outstanding schools.

What we offer

Our course catalogue presents a wide range of professional development opportunities available through the National Science Learning Network for science educators at all phases. Find out more.

If you can’t find the training that you are looking for, please do get in touch - we are always ready to help, support and collaborate to meet your science professional development needs.

Why choose us

Our professional development has proven impact and it is affordable. Funding by the Department for Education (DfE) means generous financial bursaries are available for your school. Find out more.

Last year, 92% of teachers who participated in CPD through the network showed it improved their knowledge and skills and 76% reported an impact on pupils.

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