National Science Learning Network - Central England

Promoting more effective teaching of science, to innovate and inspire in order to give pupils the knowledge and understanding they need, both as scientists and citizens of the future.

Central England

From Lincoln to Luton, from Leominster to Lowestoft, across the whole of Central England, our aim is to provide high quality professional development in science for teachers, technicians, lecturers and teaching assistants in all of our schools.

We recognise that these are changing times for schools. Our experienced team have been supporting all your science professional development needs for over 10 years, and that continues to be our mission. The new Consortium for Central England includes the previous Science Learning Centres based at Keele, Leicester and Bayfordbury near Hertford, and a number of new Science Learning Partnerships spread across the Region. These Partnerships are centred on Teaching Schools and other outstanding schools.

Our web pages and course catalogue present a wide range of professional development opportunities currently available through Science Learning Centres for science educators at all Key stages. Dates and venues are constantly updated so please have a look to find out what is on offer and if you can’t find the training that you are looking for, please do get in touch - we are always ready to help, support and collaborate to meet your science professional development needs.

We look forward to working with you during this exciting year for science education.