Who we are

The national network of Science Learning Centres provides exciting and effective science Continuing Professional Development for those working with pupils aged 5 to 19, including:

  • primary teachers 
  • secondary teachers (science, design and technology, psychology)
  • post-16 / Further Education teachers and lecturers
  • teaching assistants
  • technicians

What we do

We provide:

  • a focal point for the science education community
  • a place to exchange ideas with fellow science educators
  • a venue for events with inspirational scientists, easy access to the latest science resources
  • a place to discover enrichment activities in every region

Our aims

The national network of Science Learning Centres aims to:

  • support teachers and technicians in enhancing their professional skills by learning more about:
    • contemporary scientific ideas
    • experimenting with effective teaching approaches
    • modern scientific techniques.
  • inspire pupils by providing them with a more exciting, intellectually stimulating and relevant science education, enabling them to gain the knowledge and the understanding they need - both as the citizens and as the scientists of the future

Our locations

Teachers and technicians can book courses at the National Science Learning Centre, based at the University of York, or at any of the five regional Science Learning Centre Consortia across the country.

Course costs

Costs for attending our courses vary. Teachers, tutors, lecturers, teaching assistants and technicians from state funded schools and colleges may be eligible to receive bursaries.

How we’re run

The National Science Learning Centre is funded by the Wellcome Trust, who appointed the White Rose University Consortium (made up of the Universities of York, Leeds and Sheffield) and Sheffield Hallam University to run the Centre.

The White Rose University Consortium and Sheffield Hallam University created Myscience.co Limited to operate the Centre.

The regional Science Learning Centre Consortia are funded by the government and run by various organisations.

Contact us

Contact details for the National Science Learning Centre and all the regional Science Learning Centre Consortia can be found on the Contact Us page