Inspiring Science CPD

The National Science Learning Centre and five regional Science Learning Centre Consortia offer high quality science Continuing Professional Development (CPD) for teachers and technicians working with pupils aged 5 to 19.

The national network of Science Learning Centres aims to support teachers and technicians in:

  • enhancing their professional skills
  • inspiring pupils by providing them with a more exciting, intellectually stimulating and relevant science education.

You can find out more about the Science Learning Centres in the About section.

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Big Telescopes
A global family of giant telescopes provides an inspirational context for STEM learning. This collection of resources linked in to astronomy cover the following topics more...

Scientific Vocabulary
This collection contains lists of the key scientific vocabulary encountered at primary level, ready to be printed off and used in class more...


Impact Award
DfE is providing Impact Award bursaries of 50% of the activity fee to help you pay for CPD at your regional Science Learning Centre Consortium. more...

Project ENTHUSE provides the opportunity for teachers, lecturers, technicians and teaching assistants to attend National Science Learning Centre courses. more...

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Bringing more continuing professional development (CPD) to you locally
Many of you will have noticed changes in the way that Science Learning Centres are working with schools and colleges in your local area.
Bringing more CPD to you locally

Psychology training courses
In this video Jeremy Airey, Co-head of Programming discusses the psychology cpd training coursese run at the National Science Learning Centre.
Psychology training courses

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